Friday, January 16, 2009

Rock and Roll!

The first day of our Inauguration Odyssey was brilliant. We left Detroit about 9:30am and drove straight to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. The experience was amazing and great fun for all four of us for similar and different reasons. Nicky liked the sparkling, glittery costumes and Elvis's pistols, Zack, the ability to listen to so many diffferent songs on big, cushy headphones. MB and I appreciated the multimedia aspect of the exhibits and the sheer volume of memorabilia.

We are staying at the Red Roof Inn in Elyria, just west of Cleveland. The little pool was fun for everyone - and the water was like a jacuzzi. We had a delicious dinner at Rubin's Deli. In true Joseph fashion, I fell asleep at 9pm, only to wake up at midnight to do some blogging!


  1. Wow you guys must of had a lot of fun at the Rock and Roll hall of fame! I who else was in the Rock and Roll of hall fame, exept Elvis of course. I had no Idea the Rock and roll hall of fame was in Ohio! Hope you guys have another fun day!

  2. Dear Rick, MB, Zach, and Nick, I am so thrilled for you as you make your journey to D.C. I am proud of you for embarking on this wintry escapade; thanks for sharing it with us. I know your brothers and cousins are ready and waiting to welcome you. Love, Tia Dede