Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cleveland to Gettysburg

We're at the Hilton Garden Inn Gettysburg on Sunday morning. I'm sitting in our hotel bathroom (can you guess where?) at 5:30am while MB and the boys are asleep. I woke up at my regular 4:30 hour this morning and lay in bed until 5:00. I cherish this alone-time to think, read and write.

This editorial by Frank Rich sums up many of the feelings I'm experiencing as I ask myself why we're making this trip. The inauguration Tuesday is about so much more than Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Today we will tour Gettysburg National Park and Battlefields. This has been a marvelous trip on so many levels.

Yesterday we stopped in Pittsburgh and has lunch at Privanti's, which was a blast. Everybody in Pennsylvania is hoping for an Eagles-Steelers Super Bowl, even the digital signs on the Penna Turnpike flashed "Go Eagles - Go Steelers" as we zoomed by. The energy was palpable. The waiter at the restaurant refrained from any comments about the Lions when I told him we were from Detroit.

We stopped to get directions to Privanti's at this little sundries shop in downtown Pittsburgh run by an older couple from India. The boys found some cool cold weather masks. How could we say no?


  1. Mr. Joe your sandwich looks tasty! Were those canons really from the battle of Gettysburg? Was that the only van left at rent a wreck? Can't wait to hear all about your trip. DW

  2. I meant the van from the Hall of Fame page not this one! This van looks great!!! DW